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Lost Boy ? "Canned" (CS)

DDW is excited to announce that Brooklyn based band, Lost Boy ? will be joining the label for the release of their debut studio full length, "Canned" in early 2015. Led by songwriter, Davey Jones, Lost Boy ? have been very active in the Brooklyn underground music scene, becoming a local staple at venues like Shea Stadium, Big Snow and The Silent Barn. On "Canned", Jones is joined by friends, Matt Gaffney (Drums), R.J. Gordon (Bass) and Ryan Foster (Guitar) to record his tightest and catchiest batch of songs yet. Produced by Mike Ditrio (LVL UP, Spook Houses, Sirs) at Seaside Lounge, "Canned" is the perfect mix of lo-fi 8-track hiss and punchy hi-fi clarity. Get an exclusive copy of "Canned" on Cassette before the release date!